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Government Tax Incentives

The UK Government greatly encourages nursery childcare by contributing to costs thorugh the tax system. For more information visit

How To Claim: You can order a claim pack over the phone by calling the tax credits helpline on 0345 300 3 900. For more information on eligibility and how to claim tax credits, you can also visit

Childcare Vouchers

If your employer operates a childcare voucher scheme, you can save National Insurance and Income Tax. By registering for your employer’s scheme, up to £55 a week can be deducted from your salary and used to provide childcare vouchers for the same amount. This amount, which is deducted from your gross salary, is then exempt from National Insurance and Income Tax.

The Nursery Education Grant (NEG) is a government grant which funds all children aged 3 & 4 years old to have free education before they start school. This funding is not means tested and available to all children. Little Acorns Manager will apply for this funding on your behalf and the amount is credited to your account.

Before your child starts at nursery, you will be invited to bring them for introductory sessions which enable them to have short visits prior to their start date. There is no charge for these sessions, and they give you’re the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs with their key carer.


More on Funding

Sibling Discount

A discount is also offered for siblings and added to the account of whichever is the cheaper sibling at any one time. Once a child is receiving NEG funding the Sibling discount only continues if the child on NEG funding is also attending and paying for alternative hours for a higher value than the discount.

Recommend A Friend And Earn £100

Spread the word about Little Acorn’s nursery care and earn £100 for yourself and £100 for your friend. Simply ask your friend to speak to Nursery Manager for verification. At the end of your friend’s initial 3 month period, your friend will receive £100 off their booking, and you will receive a credit of £100. Vouchers need to be obtained from the office, signed and returned to receive the offer. (Offer valid from 1st July 2010).

Little Acorns are pleased to offer special rates to employees of many organisations, including the NHS, Emergency Services and Dunnhumby UK. If your employer participates in a Little Acorns corporate discount scheme, simply provide proof of employment when you register to receive your discount.

Whatever the size of your company we can tailor a discount package for you.

To request information on our corporate plans please contact the Accounts Office at

Child Tax Credits

Most families with children qualify tax credits to help fund nursery placements. Any parent or carer who is mainly responsible for a child can claim.

The payment is made up of two elements:

  • A family element of around £500+ per year paid to any family with at least one child
  • A child element of around £2000+ per year paid for each child in the family

Please visit here for a comprehensive guide to this essential funding assistance for your child’s nursery care.

Working Tax Credit

If you’re in work but on low pay, you can apply for Working Tax Credit to top up your earnings. It includes a childcare element to help families who are working and spending money on childcare. You can claim this whether you’re employed or self-employed.

The childcare element of Working Tax Credit is aimed specifically at helping working parents with the cost of registered and approved childcare. This can pay up to 80% of childcare costs.

Please visit here for a comprehensive guide.