• At Little Acorns we are dedicated to offering quality care, ensuring that children are free to develop as individuals whilst in a safe and secure environment. All rooms and gardens are arranged to develop the seven areas of learning as set out in the EYFS guidelines.
  • Each child has their own clearly named Learning Journal into which is placed spontaneous and planned observations, and samples of the child’s ‘work’. Parents are encouraged to add to the observations as these form the basis  for the child’s own Individual Plan. This Learning Journal travels through the nursery with the child and is given to the parents when the child moves on to Big School.

Room Overview

Children are welcomed into a caring atmosphere and will have visited with their key-worker from Budlings Room a few times before moving over. A Moving Room sheet will have been completed by Budlings Room with information regarding your child including the stages of development

For new children joining Little Acorns, parents complete a My Routine sheet and are encouraged to stay and settle their child and to work with staff to form a settling-in plan for each individual child’s and parents’ needs’

  • A specially treated flooring as used in hospitals to reducing the risk of cross infection
  • Wall mounted air purifiers that tackle ‘bugs’ and smells so reducing the amounts of sickness
  • The room is brightly coloured with a variety of the children’s creativity on show

From the moment children arrive, there will be a real choice of activities set out with materials that vary throughout the year with the staff promoting independent learning, social skills and personal development essential for all toddlers


The ratio of staff to children is one to eight in our pre-school room

Working closely with the Manager and with parents, the supervisor and their teams have responsibility for caring and developing each child.

The staff are experienced, with a variety of skills and qualifications to meet the needs of the toddlers